Garden screens and other structures, Gazebo's, Domes, Monoliths, arches etc.

Large Garden Sculptures to commission                         

 This page details larger Garden Structures as described above, things that are often hard to describe and classify.

Garden Arch, made in mild steel oxidised and lacquered, measures 2.5m tall and can easily be scaled up. Based on the complex cellular structure of Radiolarian Plankton. For sale at £1200, dismantles via two concealed bolts for transport. I can also see a gazebo structure being made in this style. This piece is sold but can be replicated to the customers dimensions.

Garden arch 

 Garden Screens an installation for a large garden in London, the brief was for a set of screens themed on Yorkshire landscapes to run along a path in a landscaped garden, dimensions 8mx2.2m. The screens are made in 30x5mm steel strip inside frames of box section steel. Each screen is 2.6x1.8m

After discussion with the customer we agreed that each screen would have a main feature, the first one has a wind blasted tree, and that we would use simple strong lines to reflect the bold flowing lansdcape of Yorkshire.

garden screen 

The second screen is based on a my customer's favourite water colour painting of Yorkshire with a small flock of Lapwings superimposed in the middle.

landscape sculpture 

 The third screen is based on Ingleborough with a Fell Runner superimposed in the foreground.

garden sculpture 

These photographs were taken outside my workshop. When installed the screens will be floodlit, photo's to follow after completition.

These were a first for me, but I have become fascinated by the idea of making two dimensional representations of landscapes. This type of sculpture could also work extremely wall mounted and lit by natural or artificial light to give an impression of depth using shadows.

Memorial Dome.

I was contacted by a customer looking for a large dome structure as a memorial to his late wife, somewhere to sit and reflect about life, and a focus for out door events in his garden.

After much discussion we settled on a dome inspired some of Ernst haeckel's plankton drawings. The dome itself measures 4.5m in diameter by 3.6m tall. It was made in sections and assembled on site. The photograph was taken just after installation.


This is an example of this style of structure, this type of thing can be scaled down, and form made to suit the customer.


I was contacted towards the end of 2007 by Oliver and Sue Brathwait, customers who had previously bought work of me with an idea for a new installation. They were looking for some two dimensional screens to ag around their pondfor privacy and wanted to celebrate the newts that lived in the pond here is a recent picture of the screen after thay have had chance to weather properly.

garden screen

Below are a couple of pictures of the whole installation. The first image shows the effects of the reflection in the water, this had not been planned for but gives a fantastic effect.

garden screens


The last two photographs show the newts in silhouette against the early evening sculpture

great crested newt sculpture

Overall we were all well pleased with the whole job. It was a fascinating job for me as Oliver and Sue's original ideas were so different from mine, yet I was able to interpret their ideas into steel. 

Another commission from Oliver and Sue was for 'something to hide the ugly water butt, something spectacular'. Something to think about. Eventually between us we came up with a giant triffid (google Day of The Triffids) 2.5m tall with tentacles and flowers in Stainless Steel. There is a concealed access port behind one of the scales to access the tap.

 metal sculpture

If you have any ideas for a sculpture whether they are refined and completed ideas or just notions regards filling a space I am sure I can accomodate and help to refine those ideas into reality.


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