Metal sculptures with a musical theme.

I have been making sculptures themed around music for a few years, these range in size from large to tiny. Below is my first collection. This is a five piece Jazz band based on some of my customers favourite musicians. The band members are about 2.5m tall.

Here is a photo of the finished installation, what could be more satisfying than a Jazz band on a summer's afternoon? The band are made in mild steel with a thin coat of rust coated in varnish, note from the three pictures below how the colour changes according to the light.

Band sculpture

musical sculpture

Lastly we have the Bass player performing by himself. Pictured later in the day

musician sculpture

I have used the same style as in other human sculptures, but have enlarged them and used heavier gauge steel. The figures are all based on photographs of well known jazz musicians.


Since making these I was asked if I could make a smaller version in stainless steel, this was made as a memorial to and old Jazz head, and measured in at 120cm tall..

memorial sculpture

 A recent commission is a sculpture of a full sized grand piano for a well known composer, a bit of a challenge and worked out a treat. There is also a matching stool and a piano shaped table inside for plants.

Piano sculpture 

Grand Piano Sculpture

On a smaller scale I have a Ukulele Banjo player. he would stand about a foot tall.

small music sculpture 

I personal favourite is my sculpture of Lightnin' Hopkins, the blues guitarist. Here he is on a very cold day. Note the trademark battered trilby hat.

guitarist sculpture 

I can also make individual instruments, below we have a full sized banjo which can be removed from the mounting for front room air banjoing.

banjo sculpture 

This gallery shows some of the musical sculptures I have made; these are an area of my work that I enjoy and would love to build on. Does anybody fancy the Count Basie Orchestra? Led Zeppelin? The works above were all made to commission. I am happy working from photographs or drawings.


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