Two Dimensional wall mounted sculptures for indoors and outside, made in mild steel sized from 0.8m to 2m+

A collection of pictures of wall mounted sculptures, mostly made to commission.


Lizard sculpture

Made in mild steel measuring 120cm nose to tail, he can be scaled up or down to suit your needs. Supplied Zinc plated for a durable shiny silver finish. For sale at £400.00

wall mounted sculpture 

 Welsh Dragon

Measures 1.1m long, made in mild steel with details applied using the Mig welder. Currently unfinished can be rusted or powder coated to suit. Price £550.00 uncoated, £600 coated. This piece can be scaled up or down to suit.

welsh dragon sculpture 

 Chain Male and Chain Girl, available at £650.00 each. More information on these pieces on page two 'metal sculpture for sale'.

human figure sculpture 

Wren and Fern

 Paul Bowman has a large wall that needed an interesting feature to fill it. After much discussion we decided on three pieces that can be mounted individually, a large wren, fern and a smaller Dragonfly. The wren was taken from a photograph, and the fern scaled up from a real fern leaf then cut out by hand using a plasma cutter.

wall mounted sculpture


Small wall mounted screen

Sharon Matyck was inspired by my large garden screens depicting the English countryside, but she wanted something smaller to live indoors. She was looking for a view based on the Yorkshire Dales with her dogs capering about in the background.

indoor sculpture 

Pictured in the hallway of her house.

She also liked the outdoor seahorse sculptures but wanted a smaller version to go in her bathroom.

bathroom sculpture 

Beech Leaf Trellis

A wall mounted feature that can be used as a trellis for climbers to grow up or that can work as a sculpture in it's own right. Measures 2.5m tall. I am happy to make other leaves in this style and can scale them up or down to suit.


Seed Heads and Flowers

Made for Gaynor Wakeley in South Herefordshire, she was looking to make a feature of a large blank wall on her country cottage, a modern extension on a traditional building. The initial idea was for something to break up the dull looking wall, then after some research Gaynor came up with the idea of basing the wall sculpture around semiabstract drawings of English seedheads based on artwork from her collection. In the end Gaynor came to my studio and did some of the full sized drawings herself.

wall mounted sculptures


The individual components of the installation are made using a mixture of  plasma cut silhouettes and fabricated structures. Above is a picture of the completed display taken just after installation on a sunny December morning. I was particularly pleased with the interaction between the shadpws of the sculptures and the trees . The pieces were made with a vague idea of where they would go with final positions being decided on the day, cue lots of running around and decision making.

Below we have a close up shot of the right side of the wall mounted sculptures.

wall art

garden sculpture

I particularly enjoyed making these as Gaynor was looking for randomness and asymetry which are both things that I usually avoid in my work, so it was good for me try something new.


 It is when the sun comes out that these sculptures really come into their own, with the shadows efectively doubling their depth and scale with the interplay of shadow and object every few minutes as the sun tracks across the sky.

sculpture for wall

Which gives them an almost three dimensional quality as the light changes during the day.


The Wall Sculptures themselves are made of mild steel, and are mounted about 6" out from the wall using stainless steel mountings to prevent rust streaks on the walls.

metal wall sculptures

Shadow Casters, inspired by the effects of the wall mounted plants, these are handmade plasma cutouts of Crows and magpies. For sale, £50.00 for crows £60.00 magpies. I can make other pieces in the same style.

wall mounted sculpture 

The wall mounted sculptures shown here were all made to commission for specific sites, I am happy to make similar pieces to customers needs or to think about any other projects to go on a wall or vertical surface.


                                       contact Alan Ross


Hi Lee
Thanks for your interest in Rosie Scarecrow.I was very pleased and with the photo from the customer.
I can make what you are asking for, a male version is no problem and you can have him fuller figured or thin; whichever suits.  I can make him as tall as you like these figures generally come in at around 1.8m but they can be as tall as you like up to about 3-4m.
Te birds are no problem; I can make silhouettes of any bird in the books. I agree about Magpies, corvine skinheads is a phrase I heard used by a friend.
A price? with a few birds and standing around 1.8m tall we are looking at £1100.00. I am fairly quiet at the moment; having just finished a large project so if you order this week I could easily get him to you by christmas; delivery would be around the £80.00 mark.
If you want him much larger give me a rough height and I an work out a figure for you.
I think that covers everything. If you need more information feel free to call me anytime.
Best wishes

Alan Ross

075905 80853