Smaller more affordable pieces of sculpture for sale, stock items suitable for gifts etc. 

This page highlights the smaller sculptures that I make. These are items that I usually have a small stock of so they are available at short notice. Note if you like the look of any of these and would want something in a similar style please contact me to discuss your needs.


We all have mobile phones these days, I found that mine was always getting mislaid so I made myself a dedicated phone holder. A simple variation on my Wallclimber sculptures. he is welded with brazed feet, and from seat to head is about nine inches tall. He has a small screw fitted so he cant be knocked over in a busy house/office, probably not necessary but there if needed. He can be configured to fit kindle and other Ereaders or even scaled up for Ipad's.

Priced at £60.00 for phones and kindles. As he is made to measure measure up your phone or Ereader when ordering.

mobile phone holder 

phone holder 

 Small Seahorse

Based on my large Seahorse sculpture. The surface details are made of layers of weld and he is finished with lacquer over rust, a long lasting and tough finish. This sculpture s free standing

He measure 90cm tall plus about 30cm for the stand, I can also adapt him for wall mounting at no extra cost. For sale at £450.00

seahorse sculpture 


These are made of old bicycle components etc.

I usually keep a few in stock priced at £60.00 contact me to check what I have available

monster sculptures 

Small Wyevern Dragon

Herefordshires own dragon. Again made of bicycle components etc £50.00

dragon sculpture

 Chameleon Skeleton

Based on photographs of reassembled skeletons

The chameleon measures about 85cm long. he is mounted on a steel that has concealed bolts holding it onto an oak plinth. The chameleon can be rotated round the bar so it can be wall or table mounted, the hooks for wall mounting are concealed under the base.

chameleon sculpture

The head is articulated and can be moved freely. Note the detail on the hands, twenty individual welds on each hand. The tongue is made from brass.

lizard sculpture 

Wall mounting. The mounts allow him to mounted facing either left or right, he can also be mounted vertically.

wall mounted sculpture 

The Chameleon Skeleton is not officially for sale as I made him for my new house I could be pesruaded to part with him for £1200.00 as he represents a ridiculous amount of work.


Steam Punk Sculpture

Inspired by The Victorian Dandy, raffish good lucks and a bit of a cad. He stands 70cm tall, made of motorcycle chain and old tools, mounted on an oak slab. For Sale at £350.00. This example os sold but I could make s similar piece


steam punk sculpture 

Horned Centipede. £200.00

Made from a length of motorcycle chain and the innards of a typewriter, 90cm long.

centipede sculpture

Small ants, £60.00 each.

Made from steel balls and more typewriter components. Length 15cm each

ants sculpture

ant sculpture

Chinese Money Flowers. flower sculpture


£60.00 made of pennies and welding rods, available individually or in bunches, would make a great addition to formal flower arrangements. Below is a an installation made for a customer measuring 120cm tall.

 flowers sculpture

This set up also involves a more complex flower. See below, these available for £80.00 each.

metal flower sculpture 


Brittle Star. £50.00 Loosely inspired by the lines of Brittlestars, the deep sea starfish. Made from pennies and a small steel ball, diameter about 45cm.  wall mounted sculpture

Shadow Casters. A recent development, I have been watching crows lately and have become fascinated by their apparent lack of colour when in the air, almost an absence in space as they glide past. The Shadow Casters are hand cut from photographs using a plasma cutter to define the silhouette, then mounted in front of a wall so that they cast a shadow that changes as th sun passes overhead. Simple and striking. Interesting that the shadow is much more complete than the sculpture itself. I am happy to make other images in this style. I can see this being a developing area of my work. bird sculptures

Here is a recent photograph of a collection of Shadow Casters from Ian and Valerie Gilmer.

wall sculpture 

Shadow Casters, Crows £50.00, magpies £60.00 each. 

I recently made a sculpture as a homage to Alberto Giacometti, in my opinion one of the greats of figurative sculpture, I saw some of his work as a child and it has never left me. Giacometti Sculpture

This sculpture is made of overwelded mild steel, measuring  40cm tall and is?mounted on a base of polished Chestnut wood, it is for sale at £350.00. I can make sculpture in a similar style larger or smaller, please contact me for further details.

Small Dragonfly on Reeds. A sculpture of a Dragonfly in mild steel with stainless steel wings (wingspan around 45cm)?perched on some reeds. I have mounted it so that it can be positioned projecting over a ledge such as the edge of a pond as in this picture. For sale at £330.00, I have a similar Dragonfly unmounted at £250.00 Dragonfly sculpture

Linnophryne Penibarbata, an anatomical of one of the Deep Atlantic Angler fishes, in real life she is around 5" long. This angler fish sculpture is No II of an ongoing series based on the drawings of Marine Biologist Richard Ellis. made in mild steel, fillet brazed together using brass filler rod to give the contrasting colours. The chin barbules are made of old brass forks. Measuring 90cm by 70cm this sculpture is for sale at £600. Fish sculpture

Coathangers as sculpture. Simple functional and humorous,these coathangers are?made in overwelded mild steel, I can supply these as pairs or singly, I can also make them communicating in any sign language you like, from giving 'the finger' to British Sign language. £95.00 per pair or £50.00 individually. coat hangers

Another in the series of anatomical fishes. 'The fish that changed the world'. For sale at £250.00. 85cm long Made in mild steel with details and joints applied in brass fish sculpture

A study of an Atlantic Cod, as fished off the grand banks off Newfoundland and basically fed the European expansion into the rest of the world. Tragically fished out in the 1970's and 80's, an environmental disaster story. Read Mark Kurlansky's 'Cod The Fish That Changed The World' for more information.

Especially popular are my 'Wallclimber' sculptures, the small versions shown below are £55.00 each measuring in at around 50cm.

climber sculpture

The middle sized versions shown shinning up the wall of my flat are £65.00 each.

climbing sculptures

And I have made life sized versions for around £300 depending on spec.

climber sculpture

A development from the Wallclimbers was inspired by my wife's interest in the healing powers of 'Earth Angels' these are made similarly to the climbers but are mounted on softened steel bar allowing them to be adjusted. These are for sale at £55.00 Also popular as gifts among the freefall parachuting community

earth angel


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