A collection of sculptures made to commission for public space.

Public commissions. I have made quite a few of these over the years and have enjoyed making them.

This year, 2014 I was approached to make a sculpture to  go outside a branch of Aldi opening in Clacton on Sea. One of the team had seen one of my large Seahorse sculptures and was interested in one of these. The sculpture measures 2.8m tall and is made of rusted mild steel with a clear coat.

Public sculpture 

Another picture from further away. I was impressed by how well it fils the space even when viewed from a distance

metal sculpture 


A collection of sculptures for the Warwickshire Nature Conservation Trust, sited on a small nature reserve at The University Hospital Coventry. A local school was involved in the design of this collection.

First we have a sculpture of a man feeding the birds on a park bench, ideally a bit of company for somebody wanting a bit on fresh air

steel sculpture 

Dragonfly, rusted steel body with plated wings, 5ft wingspan

metal sculpture 

A screen based on local history and wild life, the main figure is based on a famous illustration of Lady Godiva  with some local wild life designed by the local primary school



 Early in 2014 I had a request to make a collection of sculptures based on the paintings of LS Lowrie to go in a school in Liverpool. I suggested that tyhe school children design the sculptures and base them on everyday modern life, to a give a contemporary feel to the installation.  The head teacher and a colleague came to visit and we worked out the details, the main thing was to get as many figures as possible within the budget thinking that Lowrie's main feature was crowds of people. I worked out a simple way of making life sized people using as simple a structure as possible.

This was agreed and I as presented with dozens of childrens drawings to filter through, and was given a load of brilliant ideas. Here are a selection from the seventeen sculptures I made.
The first image shows John reading a book, Sophie taking a 'selfie' on her phone and another boy on his skateboard. (as an ex skateboarder I had to include him).

hman sculpture

 The next picture shows Ellie and her new baby sister.metal sculpture

The next image shows 'A tired old lady doing her shopping' from Laura

garden sculpture

The last picture is a crowd scene of some of the figures after galvanizing.

From the left side we have 'Angry man who has lost his dog phoning for help', trumper player, selfie girl, man leaning on a step thinking, mum and daughter with a teddy, man leaning on a wall, and a riugby playing viking scoring a try (the local rugby team is called the Vikings). All named, planned and sketched by the school children.

steel sculpture 
This is one of my favourite jobs, as involving the primary school children gave such a flood of original ideas.

 In 2012 I was asked to make a large scale sculpture of an owl, 3m tall based on a company logo, this was made to sit outside the branch of Waitrose in Cowbridge, South Wales. It was made of 20mm mild steel bar and galvanized to give a long lasting finish. A simple and slightly abstract design. Pictured in situ.

owl sculpture 


Giant Ants for Longleat Safari Park This was my first public commission in 2008. Also my first large scale pieces of work. Still there and very popular six years later

metal sculpture