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My first project was a storage system for my apalling CD collection, I looked at and was disgusted by what I saw on sale, there was no sense of 'This is a special thing' about any of them, I dont know about you, but my music collection is one of my most special things.

CD shelves                                   

I used mild steel strip and bar, to create an impression of lightness and space and shelved it in with stained softwood, again looking for minimal use of materials. For anybody interested the design is inspired by the Kites of Joseph Le Cornu circa 1900. The shelf shown above was made for Jute Butcher  measures 2.2m long and with 12 shelves will hold around 2600CD cases. In this case the shelves are made of oak..

I can make these to order, in your choice of stain and with the shelves spaced to suit your needs, eg for books CD's or DVD's. Options include length and angle of shelf ends, spacing, colour, length of shelves, number of shelves etc. Bear in mind that  50cm (18") of shelf space will hold around 50 discs.  This flexibility of design makes this an ideal storage solution for the larger music collection. Feel free to get in touch and discuss your needs

Prices for CD shelves made in softwood are £45.00 per metre, while for DVD's they are £50.00 per metre. Below is an image of a DVD shelf showing the supports to stop the cases throwing themselves onto the floor, this unit also has optional curved ends and the metal is finished in Gun Blue.

DVD shelves

CD rack















And below is a rack built to a design suggested by a customer. Before building it I was not too sure about the curved ends, but I think it gives a nice 'Art-Deco' look to the piece.

CD shelving















 I have recently developed my shelving design to make HiFi racks, here is a bespoke unit for Jute Butcher with space for CD, DAT, Vinyl, Cassette the whole caboodle. This unit is made in oak.

HiFi Rack 

Book Shelves

Here is a set of book shelves for Paul Wilson. Made in oak measuring 3m long by 23cm deep.


For more information such as prices and quotes on media storage systems either contact me direct or go to my dedicated site.



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