Photographs and feedback from customers of their sculptures in their final homes.

 I have been collecting photographs from customers for some time, sadly not everybody remembers to send photo's of their sculpture after they recieve it, this is a shame as I like to keep an eye on my work and see how it settles into it's new home.
recent commission was a stand for a B+W Zeppelin, the high end MP3 player. The customer wanted a street wise dude hanging out listening to his sounds. Painted red to make him really stand out.

MP3 player 
The Zeppelin weighs around 6kg and is solidly supported, mounted via concealed screws in it's base.

Here is a photograph of the Striped Searobin from Sue and Oliver Braithwaite, who were loking for a striking addition for the gardens of their modern 'Eco' house in deepest Worcestershire, they were looking for something to catch the evening light and fill a small bed in the garden. I particularly liked the idea that thay are planning for the future, so that when the plants reach maturity the fish will be apparently swimming unsupported.
fish sculpture

Here is a photograph of a recent comission from Sarah Revelle, she was looking for a life sized sculpture of a couple modelled on herself and her husband, Mark .So after a bit of maths I was able get all of the body parts the right sizes. Here are Sarah's comments regarding the process of comissioning her sculpture.


''I really enjoyed working with Alan to design our Brolly Couple, we shared ideas, we talked about where they would be in the garden, how they would relate to each other,  and I think he has produced a fantastic interpretation of what the space required.  He showed me pictures of all their parts and when they arrived I felt I already knew them.
They are admired by every visitor, they make me smile every morning when I leave the house and every evening when I return, and for me, that shows they are already part of my home.
I'm looking forward to working with Alan on many other projects for our garden.'' Below is a lovely picture from Rob Scott of Rosie Scarecrow. Initially Rob contacted me asking if I could make a sculpture of a scarecrow with some birds on it's hands. I assumed we were talking a male scarecrow, then I asked rob are we making He or She? and he decided to go with the female option, this type of thing is what makes the process of comissioning a piece of art so interesting.  regards the birds I was able to offer Rob a selection of profiles of birds to choose from, in the end he chose the Blackbird, Starling and Magpie, these can be removed and repositioned to suit the angle from which the piece is to be viewed. below the picture are a few words from Rob.

human figure

''Rosie was a commission for my wife Kate's birthday. After a few emails bouncing back and forth between Herefordshire and , Alan and I shared a vision of a  life sized scarecrow figure surrounded by birds, made of lightly rusted steel with a lacquered finish. Important discussions followed regarding breast size and shape: Rubensesque and Madonna Cones were discussed but finally we agreed on pert. We considered various types of construction for a hat but then Alan's wife suggested the wonderful idea buying hats from charity shops and varying them according to season. The arrival of the sculpture with a bottle of local cider, confirmed that we had chosen the right name in Rosie."

Next up we have Veneta Aldous' photograph of the Old Lady reading her book in the garden
looking very sun dappled and relaxed, all that is missing is her glass of wine and her boyfriend.
garden sculpture 

Here we have a picture of the Arc of a Diver sculpture from Helen Mears' very colourful town garden, her original plan was to have him diving into a concrete slab but had a change of heart when she met him.

garden ornament

Then we have the Pointing Man, again in Lincolnshire pointing off into the Fens on  wintry day.

metal sculpture


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