Climbing based sculptures. Mountaineering and free climbing.

                  Wall Climbers

These started as a spinoff from the larger human figures, initially I used them as maquettes to get proportion and position right before building full sized figures, then they took on a life of their own.

 'Wall Climbers' these are inspired by the heroics of  free climbers Prices start from £65.00 for the 12" figures, to £75.00 for the mid sized and £225.00 for the life sized version. They make ideal gifts for climbers. they would also make great features on climbing walls and in climbing centres. The small ones also make great lamp holders. I have sold several pairs of them as housewarming presents to be used as His and Her's reading lamps. They look particularly effective holding small Hurricane type lamps. See second picture below. A sculpture with a function.

human sculpture


















wall sculpture


















A detail shot of his hand, look at the detail in the fingers, hand brazed together.

metal sculpture














Here is a picture of four of them showing some of the positions they can be made in, basically I can make almost any anatomically possible pose, and working from photographs can make a virtual snapshot of the climbing process.





















Below are two of the larger Wall Climbers, 1 life sized and 1 mid sized. These two are both Sold. . I am interested in making groups of these eg for climbing walls or working to commisson from photographs, Immortalise yourself or your climbing partner in steel.



















A close up shot of the mid sized wallclimber in action

climbing sculpture



















A shot of the lifesized version shinning up the stairway of my flathuman sculpture                  


















A detail shot of his hand, a good example of the 'Overwelding' technique and the textures it develops.

metal sculpture












And a recent photograph of a trio of the mid sized versions making an assault on The North Face of Swan Court, this installation has proved very popular with people in the street, as well as showing how effective they can be when set up in small groups.

outdoor sculpture























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