Metal Sculpture of the human figure for home and garden.

Below is a dramatic study of an Archer made for Alasdair McDonald, based on anatomical drawings 2.5m tall.

archer sculpture 

And a more recent picture taken several years later after he has settled into his new home.



Here is a recent commission, made as a memorial to David Markwell's father, an old Jazz fiend, made in stainless steel measuring in at 120cm tall. I had not thought of my work as memorials was flattered by the idea of preserving the memory of a loved one.


My work with bike chains as spinal columns led to my looking at the human form, this seemed a logical development of this style of work. One of my favourite sculptures is titled 'A Walk In The Park' inspired by an old man I used to see in the park when I was a child. he is made of drive chain and a lot of overwelding as described in Methods and Techniques earlier. He is a good example of combining different styles of work.

old man sculpture




















He sold recently to a woman named Veneta who 'Waltzed around the garden with him until he was happy' and then bought him a friend to keep him company, see her photo below. This second photo was taken after I had rusted his surface and waxed him for a much richer finish.

garden sculpture old man


















 An early sculpture here, The Old Man, initially he was made in a sitting position, however it turned out that his balance was perfect for both sitting and standing he stands 60cm tall, not as large as he looks in the photograph, note the dwarfed people in the background. Sold

metal sculpture


















Below is a recent commision, designed by Katharina Kubrick Hobbs, The Sentinel, a practical as a well as humorous sculpture. this was a private commission but I can make similar pieces to order. The tray is made of a circular saw carefully blunted and the lamp is supplied from the ubiquitous Argos catalogue.

metal sculpture


















I have also looked at human figures in outline and have made several of these and can do them in almost any position to suit the customer, I have always fancied making a set of life sized Tai Chi figures or possibly somebody pushing a lawn mower. Below are a few examples of this style of work.

A recent commission came from Ian Lofthouse, could I make a family group of him, his wife Debbie and their two daughters, how could I say no to that? we discussed what they wanted and sizes and decided on 2/3rds lifesized, they sent me photos of the poses they wanted and a picture of the space they had in mind. Oh and they wanted the cat to get in on the act as it had died recently. A unique garden for a contemporary space.

human sculptures
















Below is another  addition to this body of work, The Gardener, standing 6ft tall he is ready for a serious session digging in the garden, if you want I can even modify him to hold a favourite spade. A perfect gift for the Gardener in your life. This piece is actually sold but due to the level of interest in him I am willing to make copies for £800.00.

garden sculpture



















Next sculpture is The Rain Man, another personal favourite . I like the way he is pensively feeling for the rain. Sold.

garden sculpture
















Another life sized sculpture is the pointing man, sold 18/2/07human figure
















These three are just examples, I have made more of these, where possible pictures of others will be in the Customer Photos gallery. As mentioned above I can reproduce almost any position in this style, at life size prices start from £800.00.


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