Metal Sculpture by Swansea based artist Alan Ross. Outdoor Sculpture and commissions a speciality

 contact or by phone on 01792 424098 or 075905 80853 daytime or evenings.

 I work in an approach pioneered in the 1960's best defined as 'Direct Metal Sculpture' in which the metal is used as supplied rather than being cast or forged into shapes. Instead I fabricate and assemble components to make the finished piece of art, this allows the production of large complex works which often manage to look light and delicate belying the hardness, strength and weight of the materials used.

Over time I realised that the space occupied by the sculpture is more important than it's surface and that lines can define that space. In effect similar to line drawings; I use simple bold lines to define the space and leave it to the viewer to fill in that space, I also came to view little details as distractions and prefer to leave them out where possible allowing the form to take over.

My most recent piece of work. Humpback Whale sounding 1.8m tall rusted mild steel. Can be scaled up or down. For sale at £1850.00

whale sculpture

whale art

A recent private commission
A treble clef for a musical family, stands 3m tall and works as a water feature.
Making closed structures out of sheet steel is a recent development in my work, as is producing water features,
First image shows delivery day

water feature

metal sculpture
Second image shows post finishing. This was done using rusting paint, it seals the metal in a protective layer and the paint itself goes rusty. A very useful finish.
Finally a shaky video clip of it in action. I was pleased as pie with the way the water flows over the structure

Somebody once made the comment that I was making three dimensional cartoons or sketches, which in some ways describes what I am trying to do.

metal sculpture

Goosey is a recent project that shows these ideas. A simple open structure made up of strong flowing lines. The next stage is to produce a stand that allows her to pivot to face into the wind. Wingspan is just under 3m. More pictures and price on the large scale sculptures page.

Another recent piece of work, Untitled, if anybody can help give him a name I would be grateful. 


A lot of my work takes it's inspiration from nature,  and I enjoy working on both large and small scale works. the Veiled Chameleon is a personal favourite of mine and is very possibly not for sale as he lives in my front room.


 Most of what I do these days is made to commission, I find taking somebody else's idea and turning it into a three dimensional sculpture is a fascinating process and often leads to my best work.The screens below are a good example of the commission process. My customer wanted to 'Celebrate the 'Newtiness' of his pond and wanted something 'Big and Bold!' a vague design brief but between us we fulfilled it.

garden art 

I am self taught as a sculptor; back in 2003 I was looking for a new way to satisfy my creative urges. I did a very short taster course in basic welding and knew I had found what I was looking for.

Once I had picked up the basics of welding I was able to carry on and come up with my own style of working and develop a range of themes and techniques to achieve my aims.

Initially I was looking for a hobby but after about three years I took the plunge and decided to see if my art could support me.

In 2015 I moved to South Wales to expand my workshop into a proper studio space. I now have sufficient space, lots of natural light and high ceilings to allow my work to develop and to facilitate running taster workshops for the public.

There are several pages on my site detailing different aspects of my work. Do feel free to contact me if you need further information.

Alan Ross

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