Metal Sculpture by Swansea based artist Alan Ross. Garden Sculpture a speciality

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I am based at Tycroes Industrial Park near Ammanford, here is a photo of my workspace with some recent sculptures installed. Now that I have space I am happy to recieve visitors, If you would like to visit feel free to contact me for details and to make sure that I am around.

sculpture studio

Here is an image of a favourite steel sculpture, I have always taken inspiration from nature and have recently taken interest in simple geometric forms typified by plankton in it's myriad forms. After several years thinking about this I finally had the urge to get on with it. First we have the Diatom, a single celled plant invisible to the naked eye  that inspired me to start work. A simple yet incredibly complicated structure.

                           diatom sculpture 

 Here we have my interpretation of the Diatom in steel, a huge headache to make and yet it followed simple geometric progressions as I was making it.

garden sculpture 


I use a variety of techniques in my work many of them industrial these are discussed at some length on their own page avoiding practical information interfering with descriptions of individual sculptures. A lot of my work is made on 'spec but I do also work to commission, and I find the making of a piece of sculpture to commission a fascinating process as I watch somebody else's idea turn into reality.  On this page I have included a few images to illustrate the range of work.

I do a mixture of work made for my own benefit which is for sale and works made to commission, for both public and private collections. Below is a picture of part of a large commission for Longleat Safari Park

ant sculpture

I work in a style best described as 'Direct Metal Sculpture', which uses a variety of techniques, and is not bound by any tradition or history. As opposed to the traditional styles of metal working eg Blacksmithing, which are bound by centuries of tradition built around the heavy metal practices typified by forge work and use of applied heat to shape metal to suit the artist's needs. This tends to lead to work that both looks and in practice is very weighty.

Another example of this lightness, here is a sculpture installation I have just completed, a Jazz Band 8ft tall made as a private commission.

music sculpture

I like to explore the relationship between the space and the object, rather than making solid looking structures I like to define the space occupied by the piece of work, and allow the observer to fill in the gaps by using metal bars and strips. This has allowed me to develop a distinctive and flexible style to my work. It also facilitates catching a moment in time, allowing pieces to have a feel of movement and life, best typified in the series of life sized human figures.

fish sculpture












Regards surface finishes, I much prefer to allow my work to oxidise, and produce a thin rust layer to painting them. I feel this gives a much truer finish, it is natural and also it varies with the light, this can be seen on the two images below, the Redkite is glowing almost bright orange in the sunlight while the rainman is very dark ,almost black in response to the ambient light.

 I work mainly in mild steel taking my inspiration from a variety of sources particularly nature and I have made large body of sculpture based on fishes, all of these styles have their own sections see index. The Sunfish pctured above provides a good example of how my work can fit into a garden environment.

bird sculpture

A recent development in my work is making life sized human figures, working from photographs or customers ideas, these have been very popular, possibly due to the enormous popularity of Anthony Gormley' series of human figure based installations. Below is a customer photograph of The Rain Man in his new home in Nottinghamshire.

human sculpture

















I started metalworking in 1998 ago as a way of occupying my creative side and keeping me out of the way of my family. I first started using 'found objects' such as bicycle components and old tools, this led to a series of sculptures based on the weird world of fantasy such as the Daemons shown below.












As my skills developed I began to work on the human form, making sculpture ranging in size from a few inches to life sized, below is a personal favourite titled 'A Walk in The Park'

human sculpture


















Another area of my work is in media storage. I make CD racks, DVD racks and other media storage systems to commission, I have another website dedicated to this area of my work. including customer shots.

CD rack














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